Top 5 News About Dogs in Australia

Dogs are the one animal who can be found quite easily in news. With bad, the good news is going on hand in hand but we have found some interesting news and information for you about the dogs of Australia.

Some of the news about dogs in Australia are:

• They call him cute and he has received many offers of adoption but after some research the vets have guessed the not so cute explanation for the tail coming out of this dog’s forehead. He has been named the Unicorn Puppy. Link:

• The Australian Bushfire has destroyed a lot of area and property but the koala sniffing dogs are now helping in saving the wildlife and rescuing them from the wildfire. Link:

• In the animal rights news, we saw a new rule for the people who are too lazy to walk their pets and dogs daily. They will be fined around $2700 for their irresponsible act. They are also likely to be fined for not providing their dogs with proper food and shelter. Link:

• There have been a lot of animal cruelty cases and this is one of them where a man kicked the dog’s face and broke its front teeth. The good news is the man has been charged for this incident. Link:

• A girl saved her little sister when the dog attacked them. She has been added to the list of people from West Australia who will be awarded the bravery awards. Link: