Top 5 Famous Singers with Dogs in Australia

There have been many singers in the past from different countries, who wrote songs for their pets and dogs. The love they show for their pets can be seen easily in the pictures or any social media platform. These singers have cute best friends who are the motivation for many of their best works.

Some of the Australian Singers with their dogs are:

β€’ Iggy Azalea: This Australian rapper owns a cute Welsh Terrier. She mostly posts about him on her atwitter page. Link:

β€’ David Campbell: He is an Australian singer and owns a golden retriever. His dog is named Scully and owns her own Instagram page called β€œScully the Toller”. Link:

β€’ Jess and Matt Price: they are the Australian duo singers as well as husband and wife. They own 3 dogs but are mostly pictured with Rafay, the brown cavoodle. Link:

β€’ Anthony Callea: He is an Australian singer and songwriter. He rescued and adopted his dog from RSPCA and named him Oscar. He is a true dog lover. Link:

β€’ Natalie Imbruglia: she is an Australian-British singer and songwriter. She owns a white cute little pooch and love sharing his pictures on her Instagram account. Her dog name is Mr. Wilson. Link: