Top 5 Famous Politicians with Dogs in Australia

No matter what country it is, politicians have always found power with their dogs. These dogs play an important role in making the image of their owner especially if they are the leaders of the country. The dogs are one of the favorite pets for the Politicians.

Some of the Australian politicians with their dogs are:

  • Kevin Rudd: he owns a dog Abby and a cat named Jasper. He is the former PM of the Australia. He likes posting pictures of his dog on Facebook and other social accounts. Link:
  • Tony Abbott: he is the member of the Australian Parliament. He owns a cute white pooch named Maisey. He with his family and dog is pictured many times together. Link:
  • Anthony AlbaneseAnthony: he is the member of the Australian Labor Party. He owns a cute poodle named Toto. He loves his dog and have many pictures on his social media accounts. Link:
  • Christopher Bowen: He is the member of the Australian parliament and the shadow minister of health. He owns two Labrador Retriever, they are named Toby and Ollie Bowen. They frequently appear on his Instagram account. Link: