Top 5 Famous Dogs in Movies in Australia

Dogs have been a part of many movies and some of them got so famous that they have their own Facebook/ Instagram accounts. They have more fans then some of the celebrities because of their acting skills as well as their level of cuteness.

Some of the Australian movies with famous dogs are:

Red Dog: it is a family comedy where a dog searches for his master. The character of the red dog is played by the Australian Canine Kelpie, Koko. He is owned by the producer of the film Nelson Woss. Link:

Oddball and the Penguins: it is a family Australian movie. It is about the farmer who trains his dog for protection. The role of oddball is played by Kai, the Maremma Sheepdog. He was discovered at RSPCA and trained to become a star. Link:

Napolean: This movie is about the puppy who escapes his normal life to become a wild dog and his adventures. He is a Holden retriever and the role of the puppy is played by the dog named Trooper. Link:

Cats and Dogs: this movie is about the war between the cats and dogs and their secret societies with high tech devices. The voice behind the Anatolian Shepherd dog named Butch is by Alec Baldwin. The role of Butch was played by 3 dogs named noah, mosses and Cain. Around 27 dogs worked in this movie and 33 cats. There was also the characters of 5 beagles. Link:

See Spot Run: it’s an Australian- American movie. The dog used in this movie is a Bull Mastiff. It is one of the most loyal and pure breed. The role of the dog in the movie is played by 5 Bull Mastiffs, named Charlie, Tyson, Bob, Goliath and Buster. Link: