Cost of Dogs in Australia

Isolated on a white background, a poodle wearing thick glasses and business attire does some number crunching on an oversized calculator

Everyone loves to own or adopt a pet whether it’s a cat or a dog but quite few actually have to think about the expenses that go side by side with owning pet.

In Australia it might cost you around $5000 for the first year. This estimate does not include food, health, grooming, boarding and some other expenses which can be estimated around $1500 yearly. Some of these expenses also depend upon the size and the breed of the dog with their specific demands.

Some of the best priced dogs in Australia are as follows:

Bichoodle: Price: AU$2600. Age: 8 weeks. Link:

British Bulldog Puppies: Price: AU$3500. Seller: Rod. Age: 6 months. Link:

Double Doodle Pups: Price: $2000. Seller: Sharon Bruce. Age: 6 months. Link:

Bulldog Puppies Price: $2500. Seller: Renaepets. Age: 8 weeks. Link:

PureBred German Shepherd: Price: $1600. Seller: Ric. Age: 6+ months. Link: