Top 3 Ways the Covid-19 Coronavirus Has Impacted Dog Sales and Adoption in Australia

The Covid-19 Virus had a great effect on daily life. It haven’t only impacted the humans and their daily routine but also the factories, industries and every other area have seen the loss. Of in some countries the pets and animals are abandoned, in others the animals are seen to have a lot of freedom in the time of this lockdown.

Some impacts seen on animal and dog sale in these times are:

• According to one Australian news, the sale of cats and dogs has increased in the lockdown. That is because people are looking for some company in the lockdown and these animals are perfect companions. Link:

• Where people are looking to adopt dogs in this time of lockdown, there are also families who have abandoned their dogs and pets in case of spreading disease as well as financial problems. People who are working from homes can still manage better then the ones who are worried about losing their jobs and this is the reason many have surrendered their pets. Link:

• Experts have warned the pet owners to be careful with their pets and take care of their personal hygiene, after the first case of dog getting the virus from it’s affected owner in Hong Kong. Though the scientist have found that the virus can not be transmitted from animal to human but precautions must be taken. Link: